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Premium Features

Full Content Access

Give all coaches and players on your team access to the full library of practice plans, drills, skill breakdowns, and development progressions. 

Custom Plan Sharing

Going premium allows coaches to share their own custom practice plans with other coaches directly in-app to help coordinate practices more efficiently. 

Custom Drill Sharing

Share your own custom drill breakdown videos with players on your team to help them improve faster both on and off the field. 

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Team Announcements

Event Scheduling

Attendance Tracking

COVID Disclaimer

Activity Push Notifications

Roster Management

Pre-loaded Drill Library

Drill Coaching Points

Custom Drill Builder

Custom Plan Builder

Pre-designed Plans

Season Plans

Plan Sharing

Drill Sharing



Example Plans Only



Library Plans Only

Library Drills Only


All Practice Plans



Custom Plans

Custom Drills

How To Upgrade

Step 1: Select Upgrade On The Navigation Bar

Once you have registered your account and created a team, navigate to the upgrade screen.


Step 2: Apply Your Premium Upgrade Token

A premium token will be added to your account once your club or association administrator has purchased a premium package. Tap on the word "Apply" to upgrade your team.

Step 3: Complete Your Team Upgrade

Select the upgrade credit you would like to use by tapping the checkbox. Then, complete your upgrade by tapping the Upgrade button. Everyone who has joined your team by entering your unique team code will now be able to access premium content and features. You can still remove or invite others to join your team at any time.


All Coaches Registered With BAFA Can Upgrade To Premium For Free

Club & Association Packages

Discounted Premium
Team Upgrades

Provide multiple teams in your organization with access to premium this season at a 20% discount.

Real-time Analytics & Report Generation

Get an administrator app account that provides analytics to track program delivery quality and participant satisfaction throughout the season.

Personal Onboarding,  Implementation, & Support

We will set up your account, provide tools & tips to maximize app adoption, and discuss strategies for how this tool can be used to grow your programs.

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