Coaching American Football 

Has Never Been Easier

Find drills, build plans, share content and manage your team from a single app.

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App Features

Pre-loaded drill, play & plan libraries to help you start coaching like a pro in no time.

Easily find and review drills to help develop football fundamentals. All content comes complete with short video clips, text descriptions outlining how to run the drill, key coaching points, and ways the modify the drill based on players' current ability. 

Prepare for practice faster by designing, sharing, and managing your plans in-app.

Build your own plan for practice in seconds by modifying plans from the library. Linking pre-made drills directly into your plans helps effectively communicate in more detail what's happening during practice with everyone on your team, helping you spend more time coaching and less time explaining drills.

Create your own private drill video libraries to help players improve off the field.

Record videos of yourself at home or of your players during practice using your smartphone to begin creating your own coaching video library. This will help you build out your own content that can easily be shared with new coaches and players year-after-year.

Keep your team organised with scheduling, messaging, and attendance tracking tools.

Manage your schedule, keep track of who's coming to practices or games, and share important information with everyone on your team by posting an announcement. All communication tools are fully integrated with the in-app coaching content libraries. 

Custom Plan Builder
Custom Drill Builder
In-App Drill & Plan Sharing
Activity Scheduling
Attendance Tracking
Drills Organized By Skill Focus
Completed Practice Plans 
Offensive & Defensive Plays
Formation Breakdowns
Flag Football Season Plan
COVID-19 Disclaimer
Push Notifications
Team Roster Management
Administrator Analytics
Post Team 

How To Get Started 

Step 1: Download & Sign Up For Free 

Download the American Football Mobile app to your smartphone by finding it in the App Store or Google Play. Sign up for a new account to access the app.

Step 2: Create Your Team

Once you have logged in, create a team by entering your team name, age division, and what type of football you coach. 

Step 3: Browse Drills & Build Plans

You will now be able to browse pre-loaded app content, save your favorite drills, build plans, or begin creating your own drill video libraries for your team.

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Dayle Kirby
Coach for Great Britain Men's Flag American Football

"American Football Mobile is the most comprehensive app that I’ve ever used for session planning, playbook install and team administration. It’s quick and intuitive to use, with an extensive library of drills and plays to support new and experienced coaches alike. The app makes it simple to create and share plans with team members, and I particularly like the way that images and videos can be attached: it’s truly transformative!"


Develop & Support All Coaches With A Single Tool

Grow participation and volunteer coach numbers in your programs while guaranteeing parents that all players will receive quality coaching aligned with national best-practice.

Need Extra Help? We Have You Covered

We provide a variety of implementation and app support resources that help ensure teams can utilise this new tool effectively without creating more administrative headaches.

Mobile App Success Stories 

See the results that multiple American football clubs in the UK experienced after implementing this mobile resource within their flag football programs in 2021.

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